Sport Horse Pedigrees, 6—Outcross Lines—Ribot

DISCLAIMER: If you want expert pedigree advice, go ask an expert. I`m not one, just someone who likes to look at pedigrees, likes to look at horses, and is more aware than some about how the horses relate to those pedigrees.

That said, we`ve been looking at the various lines flowing down from Nearco, mainly by way of three of his sons, Nasrullah, Nearctic, and Royal Charger, as well as examining the strong Native Dancer influence on the modern thoroughbred and thoroughbred crosses. So in talking about “outcrosses”, we`ll be looking at some fairly common names in pedigrees that do not contain any Nearco or Native Dancer blood. I suspect that I know “just enough to be dangerous”, as the saying goes, so if I say that I`ve read or been told that “Ribot is a source of distance and stamina”, that doesn`t make it necessarily so! But it`s what I`ve heard.

So let`s start with Federico Tesio`s other great champion, Ribot, a kind of  bookend to his omnipotent  Nearco. Ribot, a foal of 1952, started in 16 races, and won every one of them. Twice he won the Prix de L`Arc de Tromphe, Europe`s classic 1 1/2 mile distance race. But being a champion race horse was only a warmup for his career at stud. Ribot sired the 1 1/2 mile classic Belmont winner, Arts and Letters, who, in turn, sired another Belmont winner, Codex. Ribot sired Graustark, who in turn sired another Belmont winner, Avatar. Graustark`s full brother, His Majesty, sired the Champion Sire, Pleasant Colony, who won the KY Derby and the Preakness. Pleasant Colony sired Pleasant Tap, Pleasantly Perfect (winner of 7 million dollars), and European Champion, St. Jovite.

Tom Rolfe, another son of Ribot, a foal of 1962, won the Preakness, 2nd in the Belmont, 3rd in the KY Derby. Tom Rolfe sired Champion Turf Horse, and top Irish sire, Run the Gauntlet, and he sired Hoist the Flag. Hoist the Flag sired Alleged, who, like his great grandsire, Ribot, twice won Europe`s greatest prize, “The Arc.”

It seems that if we`re seeking alternative lines to the speed and sprinting shorter distance lines dominating USA racing, then the Ribot influence might be as good an “antidote” as we can find.


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