Aberjack IS USEF/PHR Leading Eventing Sire, 2011

I`ve been in the stallion standing game for 52 years, starting with a Morgan named Lippitt Raymond in 1959. My first eventing stallion, Core Buff, doubled as an advanced event horse, and was one of the first horses I rode around the Rolex Three Day course about 30 years ago, when that event was still young. Core Buff`s great great grandaughter, Rock On Rose placed at Rolex in the last year or so with Boyd Martin, just to keep that genetic streak alive.

Other stallions included O`Hara, Forfeit, Right of Light, Goliad, Silver Comet, Loyal Pal, Reputed Testamony, Epic Win, Wintry Oak, Lord Derby, Not Surprised, Formula One and Aberjack. There are probably a couple I`ve forgotten. Owners brought mares to both the Tamarack Hill Farm in Strafford, Vermont, and the southern Tamarack Hill Farm in Southern Pines, NC, and over the years we`ved shipped those blue Equitainers all over North America. Most of the time our stallions stood here, but we`ve also boarded them at UNH, U-Mass Amherst, at the Carolina Equine Research Center, and with Michael Pollard in Dalton, Georgia.

There are hundreds of offspring, many generations of them, somewhere “out there”, the vast majority lost from my awareness, due in part to the absence of any cohesive tracking method by the USEF, our national federation.

However, just today we got a letter from the USEF telling us that Aberjack is the 2011 USEF/PHR Leading Eventing sire, with 2,652 points, more than twice as many as the second place stallion. Eleven offspring contributed to this, the top one being Absolute Liberty, the USEA Leading Mare, and gold and bronze medalist at the recent Pan American Games with Buck Davidson.

So it`s a bit of a validation in a tough, hard scrabble business, standing stallions.I don`t recommend this as a get rich quick scheme! It`s more something you do if you are a pedigree geek like I am. When it works, it`s like a tie, linking past, present and future, and always, always that hope that just around the corner will come that special horse that dreams are made of.


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