Some Hypothetical Questions:

You are standing in a jumping ring. Earlier, someone has taken a tape measure, and has set two three foot six inch verticals exactly 66 feet apart. Can you walk the distance, and tell, fairly closely, how far apart the two jumps are? If you can, do you know what it means, in terms of how you would plan to ride it?

Or this: Again, you are  watching a friend ride. She asks you to set a gymnastic line, consisting of two trotting bounces, followed by two one stride oxers. Could you, without a tape measure, and without consulting with anyone, build such a line, with appropriate distances?

Or this: You are about to ride in a jumper course, and haven`t been able to walk the course beforehand. Your friend tells you, ” the distance from the red triple bar to the yellow vertical planks is 46 feet.” Would you instantly be able to change that information into a riding plan?

My point is this: Those who have spent lots of time hanging around jumper rings could do this stuff in their sleep. So if you can`t do this, and you want to become a serious jumper rider, then you need to learn it. How simple is that?

So many riders spend countless hours, dollars and dreams on their horse and riding pursuits, but don`t have much of an idea about correct basics. If you read ALL these posts I`ve written, you will quickly discover a common theme. Learning about horses, and learning how to ride is fairly straightforward IF you learn and practice the fundamental pieces, one by one. If you don`t, you are, as the Biblical saying goes, “building a house on a foundation made of sand.”


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